Entitlement Consulting

  • Assist owners in selecting appropriate product for existing market conditions.
  • Supervise and obtain all required governmental approvals such as General Plan Amendment, Zone Change, Master Plan/Conditional Use Permit, Park Plan, Tentative Tract/Parcel Map, Transfer of Development Rights, Development Agreement and Major/Minor Modifications.
  • Negotiate all conditions and/or mitigation measures placed on the development by the City.
  • Assist in the selection of consultants and coordinate all technical studies including traffic, environmental, civil, geotechnical air quality and noise.
  • Negotiate an affordable housing program if required by the City.
  • Assist owner in calculating development fees and entitlement costs.
  • Assist owner with design and processing of parcel and\or condominium map including lot line adjustments.
  • Negotiate revisions or propose new CC&Rs, easements, design guidelines and related documents.
  • Conduct pre-hearing meetings with Planning Commissioners and/or City Council members and attend all project meetings and hearings.


Starpointe Ventures is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate as a Broker. The principals of Starpointe Ventures have represented clients in a variety of transactions including:

  • Over 3.4 million square feet of commercial property comprised of numerous sales and leases of office and industrial properties.
  • Over 57 acres of residential infill properties in multiple offerings.
  • Brokered the sale of transferable development rights (trips) totaling over 1.1 million office equivalent square feet.

Asset Management

Starpointe Ventures has participated in the management of various office, industrial, and multi-family investments for various institutions. Through strategic partnerships, we are able to scale asset management services to any size or type of project.